An engaged audience is like having your own private army ready to mobilise to help achieve your goals. Let’s help protect them too by ensuring your community is free from abuse and trolls with our Community Management Services.

Social media is no longer an optional add-on to your overall PR; it’s central to your success. We work closely with your management team to ensure a coordinated approach. We work hard to deliver a social media strategy, engaging content, and interaction to help you tap into the power of online communities.

Are you ready to:

Grow an engaged audience

Provide a safe environment for your fans

Keep your feeds free of trolls

Swiftly deal with any abuse

Benefit from the advice of a dedicated team of social media experts

We can help you

We offer a range of Community Management Services for Public Figures to help engage your audience and provide a safe environment for your followers.

Tailored Social Media Community Management For You

Attract an audience

Build an audience that is engaged with you and your content. Build your army of fans and followers ready to mobilise with your call to action

Know Your Followers

It’s important to know who are your super fans and who are your potential stalkers. Super fans can help mobilise your army of followers when you need them to. We are here to help know who those super fans are to call upon when we needed.

Safe Environment

Be assured that we are helping you create a safe environment for you and your followers. Keeping your feeds free of trolls, abuse, and unwanted spam posts.

Kickstart your social media presence today!


Are you getting tired of keyboard warriors invading your Instagram feed? Or the vast amounts of spam posted in your comments section? Your social media should be a pleasurable experience for your followers, not the online version of world war 3! You want your fans to come back daily looking for your content not put off by the wrong kind of attention. Let us take care of that for you. Let’s grow your audience together!


It’s time to tap into the power of online communities!

Specialist Social Media Management

Build Engagement

Do you engage with your audience enough? You could make someone’s day just by liking their tweet or replying to them. Are you thanking your fans who create fan accounts to help promote you? Engagement drives loyalty.

Build Trust

Through consistent management of your brand identity online you will build further trust with your audience which will engage them further and help build your relationship with them.

No More Faux Pas

You can easily land yourself in hot water with the slightest slip of the retweet button. Posting a photo to Instagram wearing a sponsor’s competitors clothing won’t go down well. We’re here to manage your online liabilities.

Dedicated Social Media Management

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a social media management service that is absolutely confidential, discreet and professional.

We are here to make your life easier when managing your celebrity social media profiles. We provide solutions to help you reach your full potential, increase your reach and personal brand awareness.

Our celebrity social media management solutions will help you manage your;

Facebook Page




Website Management & Blog Posts

Celebrity Social Media Strategy

Celebrity Social Media Influencer Campaigns

We can help you

We offer a range of Community Management Services for Public Figures to help engage your audience and provide a safe environment for your followers.