How To Deal With Difficult Clients

16 Jul, 2018Mic Drop Monday, Small Business

How To Deal With Difficult Clients

Jul 16, 2018 | Mic Drop Monday, Small Business

Unfortunately, at some point, you are going to encounter difficult clients. Or just a really bad client. It can make you really doubt yourself and wonder why you are in business in the first place. But often it’s because we aren’t comfortable saying no and take on the wrong clients. Or we are worried about our income. Here are 3 tips for dealing with difficult or bad clients. 

Kill Them With Kindness

When someone smiles at you it’s really hard not to smile back. So when a client is rude or difficult with you, be extra nice back. Smile at them, even if it’s just via an email. Think of your kids when they are really annoying you. But then they smile at you and be really cute and it’s really difficult to stay angry at them. So when your client is playing up like one of your kids, think of something that makes you happy and let that smile project on to your client. 

Be Reasonable

Is this normally nice, reasonable client being rude or difficult? Is it out of character for them? Because in this digital age we don’t deal with people face to face as much anymore, it can be difficult to weigh up someone’s mood. We often know very little about the person we are dealing with besides what we see online. You don’t know what could be going on in their business or personal life that is causing them to have a really bad day. We might just be in the wrong place at the wrong time and taking the brunt of someone’s bad day. Or perhaps your client has unrealistic expectations and that is causing them to be difficult. They may not understand the process of the work that you are doing. They may not understand the brief. Or is it the other way around. Are you understanding their wants and needs? Are you giving them unrealistic expectations? Are you the problem? It’s important to be honest and realistic when you think your client is being difficult. We may not be the cause of their stress but it also may not be anything to do with their business. Do your best to understand what the client’s issue is before jumping to the conclusion that they are just difficult or rude. 

Fire Them

This is, obviously, the ultimate way of dealing with a difficult client. But if you get to the stage that you feel you can’t do anything more for a client. Or they are being rude to you on a regular basis. If you are having sleepless nights and questioning your own worth, then it’s time to fire the client.


It is your business and your life and you can pick and chose who you want to do business with. If someone is driving you mad then it is perfectly ok to ditch them. Give them whatever excuse you need to, but end the relationship. If someone does not value or appreciate the value you bring, make space for new wonderful clients. You do not have to deal with rude clients.


I have written before about the red flags of a bad client so please take a read of that to avoid them and not get yourself into a position of having to deal with a difficult client. It’s is your business so enjoy it!


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