What Is Sponsored Social Media?

Sponsored social media is when a brand pays to have it’s product placed or service demonstrated by a celebrity, public figure or social influencer on their social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat). Social media posts can be text, images or video. The social media posts are specific to the brand such as the celebrity wearing an item of clothing from the brand and contain links back to the brand website to purchase the product.


Why Use Sponsored Social Media?

In 2016, 91% of 16-24-year-olds use social media on a regular basis. 63% of all UK adults use the internet for social networking. (stats courtesy of Office for National Statistics, Department for Culture, Media and Sport). These staggering figures demonstrate the easiest way to reach your target market. Even achieving a 1% or 2% click-through rate on a post from a celebrity with 1 million followers could generate 10,000 – 20,000 new visitors to your website very quickly providing you with some serious return on investment (ROI).


One Size Never Fits All

Because we understand social media and influencer marketing we know that one size never fits all. We work with many different celebrity agents and managers, social media platforms and individual social influencers to find the best possible person to represent your brand. We ensure that your brand identity and integrity is maintained throughout your campaign and that the influencer your chose matches those standards. We also ensure that all disclosure and advertising standards are met to safeguard legal compliance.


We help brands use paid/sponsored social media content, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter using celebrities, public figures and social influencers