10 Things To Make You Instantly Happy

by 23 Mar, 2018Life

10 Things To Make You Instantly Happy

23 Mar, 2018

We all have off days. Those kinds of days when you’d quite happily have a duvet day and not face the outside world. But obviously, if you’re suffering from depression or anxiety then that’s a whole world of difference and not what I’m covering here. I’m talking about those days that go from bad to worse. The sudden onset of a bad mood or waking up after a rubbish nights sleep and just wanting to skip the rest of the day.
We all have off days. Those kinds of days when you’d quite happily have a duvet day and not face the outside world. So what lifts your mood and makes you happy?
So what can you do to give yourself a quick fix to lighten your mood and make you feel instantly happier?

Go For A Walk

Sometimes just getting outside, breathing in some fresh air and walking off the stress can make you feel better. And if you have a dog it’s even better. Naturally, if the weather is awful then you might not want to go for a walk and get wet through. I doubt it will do much for your mood.

Watch A Film You Love

With the wonders of Netflix and Amazon these days you can pretty much find most films you love to stream instantly. Watching something funny or a film you love will lift your mood and give you that feel good feeling.

Listen To Happy Music

We all have tunes that evoke great memories. How many times have you jumped in the car and a song has come on the radio that instantly makes you smile? Create a playlist of all your personal happy tunes. Keep it on your phone so you can hit play whenever you need that instant happy hit.

Eat Something Nice

Fizzy strawberry laces. That’s my happy sweet. It might have something to do with the ridiculous sugar count. Or just that I love them. Now let’s not get silly and put ourselves into a diabetic coma with a sugar overload, but eating a small quantity of something nice will give you a little happiness fix. Cake is another option. If kale is your happy food then knock yourself out with a ton of the stuff. And you can occasionally give yourself permission to eat the whole tub of Haagen Dazs. So long as it makes you feel happy and not guilt-ridden.

Look At Old Photos

We all love a trip down memory lane. So long as it’s a nice lane and not some dodgy, dirt back alley. Look through some old photos, perhaps from a great holiday or of your kids laughing their heads off. Evoke the happy feelings you had at the time the photos were taken. This isn’t the time to go looking at photos of your vile ex that broke your heart.

Compliment Yourself

This is something we are all bad at doing. Actually, most of us are our own worst enemies and certainly our biggest critics. Stand in front of the mirror, look yourself square in the eye, and tell yourself that you are absolutely amazing. This is also good if you need a confidence shot before you have to do something. Look in the mirror, take a deep breath and tell yourself that you’ve got this. Because you have. You can do it.

Smell Something Nice

On my last trip to Barbados, the maid left some really nice smelling candles in the villa. They were supposed to ward off the mosquitoes but they smelt lovely. I found them in the local supermarket to bring home. So now whenever I want to lighten my mood I can light the candle and smell that gorgeous smell that reminds me of warmer weather, sandy beaches, beautiful clear blue seas and the most amazing food and wonderful people. I can close my eyes, picture the scene and feel like I’m back there. Even if your smell is fish and chips, have a good sniff and be back in your happy place.

Call An Old Friend

Haven’t had a good gossip in a while? Instead of texting, use your phone to make an actual phone call. Have a good old chat and a catch-up. You’ll instantly feel better. Well unless your friend is a complete whinge and moan artist. In that case, you might want to call someone else.

Show Gratitude

We often forget all the amazing things that we do have in our lives when we are having a bad day. When you’re feeling low write down all the things that you are grateful for. Show gratitude and say thank you for them. Even if it’s just a nice cup of tea you get to drink.

Show Love

How often do you tell your loved ones that you love them? Probably not as often as you should. Well, unless that is, you are making the effort to do it every day. Giving your kids a cuddle and kiss and telling them you love them will instantly lighten your mood. Especially when they say it back. But showing love to anyone will make you feel better and raise your mood. Make sure you do it often. You can never do it too much.

What are your instant pick me up tips? What is your go-to thing to make you happy? Let me know in the comments below. And be happy!

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