2021: Changes – Turn And Face The Strange

by 23 Jan, 2021Life

2021: Changes – Turn And Face The Strange

23 Jan, 2021

I’ve just watched the Joe Biden inauguration and breathed a sigh of relief.

2020 was a funny old year, wasn’t it? I don’t think I can sum it up in words, because I don’t think there are the words for it. Instead, I’ll consign it to history and move on.

So, what next? I recently, whilst giving myself a good talking to, realised that between my own life events and world events I’d completely lost my mojo. I’d lost sight of what it was I was here to do. I’d been so focused for such a long time after having sepsis on just staying well. And then once Covid came along the focus shifted to staying safe and making sure there was enough money coming in. Between all of that I’d gone way off course and my mojo and focus had gone off course with it.

The (Female) Entrepreneur Life


When the social media marketplace started to get saturated with every man and his dog wanting to be social media managers, I started to look more at business as an overall rather than a niche. Big business is different. But when you are a one (wo)man band, a flying solo entrepreneur, you have to know enough about everything to get by. Otherwise, you start running in to problems you can’t figure out how to solve. And I’m not just talking about the business basics like sales and marketing. You sort of have to become a fountain of knowledge about literally everything, because your support and learning circle becomes a lot smaller.

You know that stupid line that the 6 figure guru course sellers come out with “The entrepreneur life chose me”. It’s bullshit. How can a lifestyle choose you? Because that is what it is. Being an entrepreneur, male or female, is a lifestyle choice. And it’s a lifestyle that impacts on every single other part of your life. Be that parenting, dating, cooking, cleaning, your hair, your makeup, your habits. It impacts EVERYTHING!

If you were allowing something to make choices in your life that impacted on every aspect of your life, then you’d be pretty damn stupid. It’s not a lifestyle to be entered in to lightly. It’s full of hurdles and the unknown and your friends and family with “normal” jobs won’t understand it. Trust me, they won’t. It’s an experience you can only understand by living it.

It’s Life Jim But Not As We Know It


Which brings me to the point of this blog.

Back in the early days of blogging, before there were products and reviews, influencers and social media, I used blogging a bit like therapy. I used to literally blog about anything. And I mean anything. If it was on my mind when I sat down to write, then that’s what got typed out. It was cheaper than a therapist.

So in between trying to restore my mojo, I looked at what it was I actually enjoyed and realised I’d been neglecting the one thing that always used to get me through the difficult times. Creating content!

I’d tied my blogs and my social media so much into my actual work that it had stopped becoming a passion and just another part of my work and business. Which actually meant that the audience I wanted to focus on was getting drawn into the potential lead category. That’s not ever what I started creating content for. I’d actually prefer the opposite. To create content that appeals to those that will never, ever hire me and are just here for the learning and the entertainment.

Who Is It For?

I want my mailing list to be people that want to get the heads up when I post a blog. I don’t want to sell them courses or ebooks or retreats or whatever the buzz thing is these days. I want my audience to be people like me so they can relate to what it is I’m going on about. Whether that be entrepreneur business stuff, marketing trends, dating dilemmas, single parenting or what to wear to leave the house because they’ve been at home in a tracksuit for the past 10 months! That may all not fall under the category of business or lifestyle but it is the daily life of an entrepreneur and what makes us three dimensional characters. None of us are one trick ponies.

I feel that when you create content with the sole purpose of using it as a lead funnel, then it actually loses its soul. Or you lose a part of your soul with it.


Don’t get me wrong, if someone reading this wants to hire me then happy days, naturally I’m not going to say no (and there is a link in the footer for just that). But I’d rather demonstrate my business consulting, marketing and content creation skills, by just doing it. Plus, these days I have other business interests too, so it’s not all about getting folk to hire me.

Look at the likes of Mrs Hinch. She amassed a huge following by sharing her day-to-day cleaning hacks. Now she shares more of her daily life, sells books, has products and about a million and one other things. She’s a businesswoman. An entrepreneur. Behind all that content and products, she’s running a business. It’s all just part of her daily life so it isn’t business focused, but it’s there.  


We turn and face the strange now as some of you won’t be familiar with certain aspects of my content. There’s still the business stuff and there’s still the lifestyle stuff. But from now on I’m mixing it all together. What I found overall that it was the same audience that used to read both of my websites anyway and it was confusing having two. So SociallySam and Oh-Samantha are gone and now everything is just under Samantha Martin. Straight forward and simple and my socials are all I AmSamJMartin. Except for YouTube because you can’t change your URL there, which is massively annoying.  


Yes, my content is quite entrepreneur-led with a female leaning so you might get my shopping hauls and cleaning hacks mixed in with some marketing tips. But I’ve divided up the website, whilst giving it a makeover, so if you aren’t into some of my stuff you can just go to the section that appeals. It is still a work in progress so bear with me for now whilst I sort it out. I’d like to think that my content appeals to those of you who are just like me. More than a one-trick pony and having a life outside of business. Granted about 99% of that life revolves around your business.


I also want to get back to doing videos again. Really, I just want to have a focus that isn’t about bringing home the £££ and just doing the thing I’ve done for so long now, which brought most of you here in the first place.

So, buckle up and let’s get to it. I have absolutely no idea what’s coming next!

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