How Much Do you Value Your Work

28 May, 2018Mic Drop Monday, Small Business

How Much Do you Value Your Work

May 28, 2018 | Mic Drop Monday, Small Business

Do you value your work or are you letting others dictate the value of your work? Do you struggle to charge what you work is worth? If you do not value your work then don’t expect others to show value for it. This week’s Mic Drop Monday is all about how much you value your work and why you should stop undercutting your prices, causes a race to the bottom just to secure clients.


Know Your Worth

This video was inspired by a post in a Facebook group I’m in where someone had asked about how much to charge for Social Media Management. Since this is a service that I’ve been offering for several years now I chimed in with my own view after one person had said they charged £99. For a start, that fee is way too low and there is a current problem with social media in that the rates are being driven down to such a point that it’s like a race to the bottom. This is due to many not understanding the value and worth of what they do. These skills take time to learn and time to implement. So stop charging yourself out at nothing more than pennies per hour.


Likewise, whatever the service you may offer is, don’t cut your fee just to suit the client. You wouldn’t go into Tesco and ask for Prime Fillet Steak and expect to pay smart price burger prices. know your worth, charge your worth and don’t undercut just because a client wants your services cheaper.


Know Your Value

You’ve worked hard to build up your skills and build up your business and none of that happened overnight. The skills you have are worth a lot to you and also to the people that need to hire. Don’t dim the light on your worth just because others don’t understand what you do or appreciate the value that you can bring.


If you don’t appreciate the value in what you do and you cut your prices so you make very little money, then don’t expect your clients to value your work either. And cutting your prices won’t make them value you anymore. Trust me, those jobs are always the worst ones and will cause you no end of trouble.


Trust in your worth, value your worth and others will follow.


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