Social Media Posts: Quality Beats Quantity Every Time

11 Jun, 2018Mic Drop Monday, Social Media

Social Media Posts: Quality Beats Quantity Every Time

Jun 11, 2018 | Mic Drop Monday, Social Media

Do you think you need to be putting out loads of social media posts? Are you putting out content just for the sake of putting out content that’s perhaps not of a very good quality? Is your poor quality content reflecting badly on your business? When it comes to social media posts, quality beats quantity every time.


When Should I Post?

I get asked a lot about the best times to post on social media. There is no definitive answer to this one and it’s like asking how longs a piece of string. You need to post when and where your audience is going to see your posts. There’s no point posting all your content on Twitter when all your leads come from Facebook. Likewise, there’s no point posting in a morning if the vast majority of your audience isn’t awake or online yet. Perhaps they aren’t one of those that get up at 5am.


How Often Should I Post?

Many businesses make the mistake of thinking they have to put out a lot of social media posts. And yes to a certain degree this is true if you want to remain in the line of sight. However, one good quality post on Facebook can do way more good than five poor quality posts. If you need to post enough content for your audience to consume, but what you do post needs to be very high quality. If it’s photos then make sure they are well lite, not blurred or grainy. Videos also need good lighting and good sound. And a written blog post needs to have a good standard of spelling, punctuation and grammar. It also needs to be longer than a paragraph. Google much prefers written content that’s longer. It gives the post authority. It also means that readers will stay on your website for longer which is a good SEO signal to Google. You are highly unlikely to rank well for anything around the 300 word mark.

Just focus on putting one good Facebook post a day out if that’s where your audience is at.


Don’t Get Hung Up On The Numbers

I mentioned this the other week in my Social Media Mistakes. Do not buy likes, followers or views. Eventually, you will get caught out. You will look stupid. And if you’re a blogger doing it then you are going to land yourself in a whole heap of trouble with the brands you’ve worked with.

But, if you are posting good content and your engagement isn’t great then first make sure you’ve got the quality right. Check things like your website stats. I’ve seen posts on Facebook that look like tumbleweed but they are getting loads of click-throughs to the website. At the end of the day, your goal should always be to get the traffic to your website as that is where the sale is. Your goal shouldn’t be to get likes on posts. If your engagement is low then ask yourself if it is the quality of the post or is that the content isn’t resonating with your audience.



Quality Every Time

When it comes to social media posts quality will always beat quantity. Don’t think you have to keep up with the likes of Gary Vee and be churning out reams of content on a daily basis. They hire huge teams to produce their content and unless you can afford to employ a big team then I’m guessing you’re doing most of it yourself. Just focus on the quality. That’s all you need to do.


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