Super Sales For Savvy Shoppers

25 Nov, 2021Shopping

Super Sales For Savvy Shoppers

Nov 25, 2021 | Shopping

	If you didn't already know it's Black Friday and I've been on the hunt for the best super sales for the more savvy shoppers

In case you hadn’t realised, it’s that time of year when retailers go a little bit crazy and start offering you ridiculous super sales offers on their merchandise. It’s Black Friday time of year again.

Now let’s not be fooled by all these offers. Some of these super sales are all a bit smoke and mirrors and you aren’t really getting that good a discount. Some are absolute bargains and you’d be a fool not to snap their hands off. Either way, it’s all just about getting us to spend some more money in the lead up to Christmas. So we need to be more savvy shoppers.

So I’ve been on the lookout for the best discounts and offers out there to save you the hassle of trawling the internet and give you more time to watch David Ginola on I’m A Celebrity. Because in truth, we aren’t watching it for the eating trials are we!

And before I forget, I’m legally obliged to tell you that most of the links on this page are affiliates. I haven’t been paid to post any of them but if you do click on them and buy something then I will earn a teeny tiny bit of money. Please don’t begrudge me those few pennies as I’ve just got a new puppy and they cost more than babies.



Amazon super sales

irobot Roomba

Let’s start with the big guns at Amazon. Now they really do have some super sales.

There isn’t much you can’t buy from Amazon. But my all-time favourite purchase from there is this iRobot Roomba Vacuum. I bought mine last year at the full price of £349, and even at that price, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent. I love her. She wakes up every morning and vacuums the whole of the downstairs of my house before I’ve even woken up. And my carpets are super clean all the time. I don’t think I could be without her now I love her that much.

Anyway, the gods of Amazon are smiling at you and she is currently on offer for £199. That my darlings is a bargain and she’s just as good as a Shark.

Buy it here >>> The Best Vacuum In The World


Whilst we are talking about Amazon and their super sales. They also have some great offers this time of year for their Prime products, music, audible etc. I found the below offer tucked away in there for 6 months free unlimited music when you buy an Echo (which you need to make the Roomba work). Quite a bargain.




At this point ASOS is pretty much my go-to for all my clothes. As they stock a huge range of their own brand items plus absolutely loads of mainstream brands such as Levis, The North Face and Ralph Lauren and they recently acquired Topshop, you can pretty much find everything on there. And please don’t think that ASOS is only for the little young chicklets. At 45 they are still keeping my wardrobe well-stocked. Just avoid the micro-mini bodycon dresses and you’ll be fine.

ASOS also offer some amazing discounts and flash sales on the regular but their Black Friday offers are very, very good. From 5pm Thursday 25th November through to 8am Saturday 27th November, they are offering an extra 15% off already discounted items, some of which are up to 80% off (exclusions do apply and are clearly marked). To claim this great discount you need to spend a minimum of £30 and use code BFDEAL15 at the checkout.

Here’s your discount link or you can click the banner below >>> ASOS Black Friday Event


Benefit Brows

If you haven’t already discovered Benefit’s Brow products then we may need to have a little word. These are the holy grail of brows and don’t make you look like a 13 year old got a hold of a Sharpie. I wouldn’t have visible brows without them.

They also do the most pretty little blushers and highlighter and some gorgeous palettes to make your cheeks pop. And until 11:59pm on the 29th November, they are offering 50% off all box of powders (exclusions do apply). They’ve also lots of other offers and some of their sets are great for Christmas gifts.

Discount Link >>> BLUSH FRIDAY

Benefit Blush


The Range Christmas Pyjamas

Forgive me Father for I have sinned. This year I shall be forcing (bullying) my family in to wearing matching Christmas Pyjamas all day long on Christmas Day and I really don’t care if they hate me for the next 12 months for it.

Listen who couldn’t resist wearing The Gonk pyjamas at Christmas? Granted my family won’t look this happy about it and they’ll look even worse when they realise that I’m cooking dinner as well.

But The Range are going big for Black Friday and they have some brilliant Christmas tat to indulge your inner Magpie with. Just click the banner below and don’t blame me for what you buy.


New Look Anne Marie Collection

In recent years I’ve started to buy a lot more from New Look. I find their wardrobe staples are very reasonably priced and the quality is quite good.

This autumn they have launched their collaboration collection with singer Anne Marie and there are some pretty nice pieces in it. This hoodie has already hit my shopping basket.

Sale wise, they are spoiling us with a Black Friday up to 50% off on selected lines. And there’s a lot to choose from there.

 If you’ve ever watched my Outfit Of The Day posts on Instagram, YouTube or TikTok then you’ll know that every couple of days there’s yet another New Look coat in there. 

Anne Marie Collection Hoodie


The day I discover Lookfantastic I knew I would never have any money again, but my goodness I  would have every palette and skincare sensation you could think of.

They are again encouraging me to buy more options and potions with their up to 50% off Black Friday Sale. There are some little beauties in this sale including Urban Decay palettes and the amazing La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum for Sensitive Skin which is just heaven in a little bottle.


Link to beauty heaven >>> LOOKFANTASTIC SALE

Just one last word – there are some amazing bargains out there to be had this time of year, but, a word of caution. There are also a load of buy now pay later offers, which are great if you know you 100% have the funds available for the future payments. But as we’ve all learnt these past couple of years, things can change in a heart beat and if you was to suddenly lose your income overnight, your buy now pay later deals could turn in to a nightmare (before Christmas). Don’t be tempted to overspend and end up starting the new year in debt. Buy what you can when you can safe in the knowledge that you won’t have bills pilling up.

And there ends the sermon of the day. Now go and enjoy some sensible spending. 


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