How To Be A Huge Success

5 Feb, 2018Entrepreneur, Mic Drop Monday

How To Be A Huge Success

5 Feb, 2018

If you want to be a huge raving success then you need to do this one thing. Just this simple, little, tiny, thing.   Oh, there goes me with the clickbait! I’m turning into one of those cringy online marketers. Sadly I don’t want to give you a tour of my house, pointing out that I have a kitchen and a big tv or show you how many rented cars I have in my garage. I don’t even want to show you my pool (mainly because I haven’t got one but there’s a really big puddle that forms in my garden when it rains hard that we could double as a pool with some clever camera angles). I’m not even going to try to sell you a get rich quick course that will change your life in 90 days and have you earning 6 figures by this time next week.   So many people are looking for that get rich quick, overnight success, a magic button to press, that just doesn’t exist. Despite what the cringeworthy marketers might tell you. Or sell you a course for $997 that will (won’t) have you earning 6 figures in 6 days!   Instead, I’m here to give you the cold hard facts, the truth of what it really takes to be a success, to run your own business and to actually go after and live the life you want to. Because let’s face it, there are enough people on the internet willing to sell you a false dream in the hope you’ll part with some money so they can earn 6 figures whilst you sit wondering when your time will come.   And that’s why I’m calling this Mic Drop Monday. A nice little truth bomb hurtling your way every Monday morning to set you up to work even harder, even smarter in the week ahead, minus all the BS to motivate you to go after your goals.   Because there is really only one thing, just one teeny tiny little thing that you need to do if you want to achieve your goals. Just one. That’s it.

The Secret To Success

Don’t give up. That’s it. The process may be hard and it may be slow, it might even go at such a pace that sometimes you feel like you are going backwards and you are never going to get there. But quitting won’t make it any easier or speed up the process. Quitting will just kill all your hopes and dreams stone dead. The last time I checked that wasn’t anyone’s vision of success.   That thing you dream of doing. That thing you are working towards. No matter what it is. Writing a book, building a business, travelling the world, building your own home. No matter what it is, it already exists. It’s already out there in the world. You’ve just not got there yet. It’s not impossible. If someone else can do it then so can you. If you can see it in your mind then you can believe in yourself to do it.   I always like to think of how JFK spoke of putting a man on the moon. At the time it was way beyond what most people could comprehend. A man walking on the moon. They probably thought he was absolutely batshit crazy. But they created all the machines and technology to do it and man flew to the moon and he walked on it. Look out of your window tonight at the moon and think if man can walk on that then I can damn well achieve my goals of building a successful business or doing whatever it is you want to do.   And what will quitting achieve? It will just serve to prove all the haters and doubters right. Don’t give them that satisfaction. Use their negativity to motivate you. To show them that you can do this.  

Don’t quit!

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