How To Silence Your Inner Critic

23 Apr, 2018Life, Mic Drop Monday

How To Silence Your Inner Critic

Apr 23, 2018 | Life, Mic Drop Monday

We all have an inner critic whether we want one or not. The important thing is that we learn how to turn down its volume now and then. Especially when we need to be getting on and stepping outside of our comfort zones. This week’s Mic Drop Monday is all about silencing your inner critic.
So how do you deal with that nagging inner voice when you need it to be silent or become your biggest cheerleader? It’s hard enough when we have people around us that aren’t as supportive as what we would like them to be. But they can be ignored or you can hit the block or mute button. But what happens when that negative voice lives inside us? How do you silence your inner critic?

Identify It

You know it’s there so stop pretending that you’re the most confident person to every walk th earth. Give your inner critic a name and create a persona for them. Remember that they are a loser that you don’t need to listen to so don’t create a fabulous persona for them. Make them a person that you can talk to and tell them to be quiet.

Accept It

You don’t have to accept what your inner critic is saying, but you do have to accept that it’s there and it probably isn’t going away. We all have our very own inner critic so denying that they exist isn’t going to make the battle to silence them any easier. Accept it and then find a way to silence it. Or at least turn the volume down when you need it to be quiet.

Silence It

Very often our inner critic serves as a warning sign that danger is approaching. That danger is most likely to be you venturing outside of your comfort zone. But as we’ve established many times before, all the good stuff is outside of your comfort zone. Your brain wants to protect you from the potential criticism you may face when you step outside your comfort zone so your inner critic tries to talk you out of going after the things you want. Basically, it makes it really difficult and complicated for you to go after your goals.


However, by having a word with yourself on a regular basis and telling yourself that you can do this and you’ve totally got this, filling your mind with far more positive thoughts then you can start to turn down the volume of your inner critic and eventually drown out all their negativity. You probably won’t silence them completely but you’ll figure out your own way of making them be quiet.


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