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20 Dec, 2017Small Business

It’s rubbish this time of year when the weather is horrible. It’s a battle just to buy milk in the supermarket due to all the panic-stricken Christmas shoppers. And don’t get me started on Christmas now starting in damn October! Like, why have so many people forgotten that there are 12 days of Christmas and not a single one of them is in November or October for that matter? I had a little rant about this over on my other blog. You can read about my dislike for premature Christmas celebrations here.


I find my mind wanders a lot once the weather gets cold. By the start of October, I can positively hear the beach and some sunshine calling me. I’ve not had my usual Autumn holiday this year and I have to say, it’s making me daydream even more. So when the nice people over at Furniture At Work sent me this infographic, it really got me thinking.

So to wrap up this year (because as much as I may say I’ll do another post next week, I really doubt I will) here’s my own office Narnia. Where I’d love to be escaping to right now.


This is the view from my favourite little beach in Holetown in Barbados. It’s my bit of heaven and the place I like to spend some time in during the colder months. It’s also the very same beach Simon Cowell holidays on, so naturally, I like to say that he copies me. And it’s home to the beautiful Sandy Lane resort that has by far the best dessert buffets in the world. And I’ve sampled a lot of desserts the world over and this is by far the one I look forward to the most. Along with the Sunday brunch.


As well as relaxing on a beach I do love a good Disney holiday. I’ve been taking my daughter to Disney World in Florida every year now for some time. I’m dreading her growing up and not wanting to go with me anymore. I’ll need to find a husband or something then that loves Disney as much as me. As well as being the happiest place on earth, we can also learn a lot from Disney resorts about standards and customer service. I always stay in a Disney hotel and although they are pricey, you can’t fault the standards and the service you receive. It’s quite reassuring when I’m travelling alone with my daughter that I know everything will be ok there.


So not strictly a real-life place, but hey neither is Narnia so lets not split hairs. But I do love a bit of Harry Potter. Be it the theme parks in Florida. Or the movie set in London or sat at home, all cosy and warm with a film on. And I can’t wait for the next Fantastic Beasts to come out next year. I patiently waited for my letter from Hogwarts and recently it arrived.



I also really like to imagine having the most Pinterest worthy office imaginable. I’d love to be able to have an office that was clutter free and all bright and have pretty flowers and pink things. The reality is that my office is one that functions so it’s never going to be Insta worthy. There are about 20 boxes at one end that need sorting out. They are full or stuff I’ve been sent in the past to review, books, files and just general clutter I’ve picked up along the way. I do have a big white pretty Ikea desk. But since it has to house 2 computers, various notebooks, phones, iPads, cameras and whatever else has been dumped on there lately, it’s not really fit for photographing.   But at least I can pretend to have a beautiful office thanks to stock graphics. They give me something to aspire to.
Right, I’m off to dream about not being in the office. It not raining outside. It not being so cold that I feel the urge to bring a duvet into the office with me. And it’s Christmas next week, well actually in 5 days, and I’m still rather light on the shopping I’ve done and I need to arrange things like food.   Have a great Christmas and even better new year. I’ll see you all in 2018 ready to smash those goals, stay motivated and talk social media, marketing and PR to anyone that will listen to me. Don’t forget to set your business goals before this year is done with so you can start off the new year fresh and ready to hit the ground running.   Thank you to Furniture At Work for sending me that great infographic and totally not making me want to stay in the office for the rest of the week.

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