Outsourcing with the help of Bidvine

20 Dec, 2016Entrepreneur, Sponsored

Outsourcing with the help of Bidvine

Dec 20, 2016 | Entrepreneur, Sponsored

When you start out in business it’s really easy to get bogged down in the detail of doing everything yourself. It’s also a common thing to think that you have to do it all yourself. The truth is, you don’t. As entrepreneurs, sole traders and small business owners we waste so much time doing stuff within our businesses in stead of outsourcing when our time is better spent doing other stuff. Like driving our business in the right direction and keep on moving forward.


Having been a blogger for many years now I’ve also noticed the same traits with bloggers and content creators as small business owners. Taking everything on themselves and are not seeking help for the things they either can’t do or don’t have the time to do.


My biggest thing is images. I struggle so much getting great images to use on both my blogs. Sometimes I’ll just strike lucky. And other times I’ll spend hours out with my camera. Then come home, load up the images and then look at my computer screen in despair. Time and effort wasted. And then I end up just using ones I get from stock graphics websites and paying for them. But sometimes I would love to have more personalised images, like for example with me in them.



Help Is At Hand with Bidvine


So when Bidvine asked me if I’d like to take their website for a test drive I was delighted to look further. I’ve used similar sites before, that I mentioned in my post about Side Hustles, to actually attract work for myself and they are a great way to boost the freelance economy.


On this occasion, Bidvine asked me if I would review their website from a hiring perspective. I set out to find myself a local photographer to help me out searching for a portrait photographer in Lancashire.



Let’s Shop Local


You’ve heard me going on before about the benefits of Shop Local and Bidvine actually encourages this. When you log on to find a service or advertise the work you want doing, it starts by narrowing it down to your local area. You can see who is advertising their services close by to you. This is great if you are in need of something like a photographer or some form of work that can’t just be completed virtually.


During the posting process, you are taken through a series of questions that are all very intuitive and based on common questions asked and specific to that actual service. You can really narrow down what it is you actually want doing.


I like this approach as having used many other freelance sites in the past I’ve often been put off by the sheer volume of time wasters you have to spend your time dealing with. I’ve often received 10 or even 20 messages a day looking for work to be done that is way outside of my scope. Or buyers with so little details that I couldn’t possibly complete the work. Bidvine’s process makes it very clear about what you want so the freelancer isn’t being bombarded with poor requests. I included quite a lot of detail within my post so that I knew I would only attract those serious about working with me.



Always Quality


I’ve also liked that Bidvine’s system seemed a lot more transparent than many other similar sites. You can get a lot more detail about the person who responds to your job posting. You can check them out and be assured of their standard of work before hiring them. I know other sites are plagued with bad work due to the poor standards of the freelancers. A lot of this is down to the small amount of information buyers and sellers are allowed to exchange either in the messaging or buying function. I do find this odd as I always like to view someone’s website or social media presence but some sites block you from exchanging such details. With Bidvine you are open to exchange details and communicate freely.


Once you have posted your job suppliers can contact you with a quote. They also provide details behind the pricing or they can message you to discuss further. I like that initially you can request quotes as I didn’t have a clue what to expect a photographer to be charging. Or if they worked by the hour or by the day. Asking for quotes meant that I got a good idea of how much it would cost me and what I would be getting for my money.





I’ve been really impressed with Bidvine’s website and how easy it was to use. The layout and functionality are intuitive and self-explanatory. I received 5 quotes for the job I posted. I was happy with this as they all matched the specifications I had asked for. It meant I didn’t have to spend time picking through suppliers that didn’t match what I wanted. All the quotes came with plenty of details and examples of work for me to check out via their websites and social media.


I think as a business owner Bidvine is great for finding freelancers to complete work for me. The things that I either don’t have the time or skills for. As a blogger and content creator to find things like photographers or web design or those services that you really just want doing right from a pro, then Bidvine is a great help.


If you are a freelancer and are looking to bring in more work, Bidvine is a great site to get yourself registered on. It hasn’t been inundated with rubbish like many of the other freelance sites. You can genuinely find good work on there from potential good and local clients.


I will most definitely be using Bidvine again.


If you would like to try Bidvine out for yourself then click here to pop on over to their website. You can yourself registered there and start working today!


  • This post is sponsored by Bidvine however all opinions are my own based on my own usage of their website
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